• Accessories of the Dental Chairs – Additional Expenses for Improved Quality of Life Service

    The following components in this list are usually not part of the default dental chair package. However, it is best to consider adding some, if not all, of the following dental chair accessories. While the overall cost of the dental chair will surely increase, the fact that dental procedures will become more efficient and safer is a good trade to make in the long run


    Operating Lights
    Let’s start with one of the essential accessories in any dental chair, the operation lights. This is a highly valuable accessory that offers excellent benefits to dentists as it can help illuminate hard to reach areas of the oral cavity.


    There are two types of dental operatory light available for the dental chair. First, there is the ambient light which illuminates the entirety of the dental chair unit. The second one is the task lighting, which is used primarily during specific tasks.

    There are also three types of lighting to choose from.


    Traditional light bulb
    Halogen light
    LED light
    Of the three, most consider the dental LED light to be the superior version. LED or Light Emitting Diode does not generate heat and can reach brightness that can surpass the previous two lighting types. LED lights are also known to operate for a considerably long time (over 50,000 hours). Replacement is also easy and affordable.


    Assistant Arm
    Another essential accessory to any dental chair, the assistant arm is an attachment that features spittoon as well as the suction tubes that are attached to the primary unit. Spittoons are usually made from ceramic material and are the bowl-shaped part on the dental chair.

    The assistant arm comprises of two suction points, usually. The first one is a low vacuum suction while the other is high vacuum suction and is used in conjunction with the cannula. For more effortless operation, the switch for the suction tubing is now commonly found built-in with the assistant arm.


    X-Ray Viewer
    Finally, we have the X-Ray viewer accessory. This is another essential dental chair component as it can help facilitate procedures wherein the dentist needs to reference an X-ray film during the procedure. Rather than posting the X-ray film on display hanging from the wall, the dental x-ray film reader can be rotated and angled to allow the dentist to view it without needing to turn their heads every time.