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Dental Chair Features and Performance – Making a Smart Investment

When it comes to mobile dental chairs, its functionality will be the primary deciding factor on whether to purchase a particular model or not. The design, material, and construction are just the first layer of factors that will affect its price. The features that the dental chair comes with will take up the lion’s share of its total cost.

To streamline this section, we will be splitting up the features into three major categories:

  • General Components
  • Main Functionalities
  • Accessories
4. General Components
  • Main Dental Chair Parts

The chair dimension will be one of the first factors to be noticed when looking at dental chairs. When it comes to this particular aspect of the chair, it is best to consider not only the dentist and patient ergonomics but also how the chair will fit into the clinic’s interior layout. That factor is something one cannot afford to make errors in.

The backrest is another component that must be carefully examined. It is best for a backrest to offer proper back support to the patient without being too large that it will become a hindrance in regards to the dentist’s maneuverability during operation.

Having a backrest that is too wide can prevent the dentist from correctly positioning themselves for the right angle. This can make specific procedures more difficult and uncomfortable than it has to be. This will also cause constant re-adjusting of the seat, which will further prolong the dental procedure more than necessary.

The headrest is another vital part of the dental chair. It will provide improved comfort not only for the patient but also for the dentist. There are also removable headrests which are best suited for cases with children as they are most likely too small to reach it when lying down, making the headrest more a deterrent on this occasion.

One of the best types of dental chair headrest available is the double articulated headrest. This type of headrest offers a full range of articulation, which improves the dentist’s visibility with challenging to reach areas like the second and third maxillary molars. Double articulated headrests are usually priced between $500 to $800 in retail stores.

When dealing with exceptionally tall patients, a headrest that can be extended will provide optimum comfort. It is best to choose a headrest that offers maximum mobility in order to ensure that it will be able to cover all cases. Remember that you will be handling different patients of all ages; having a dental chair designed to support patients of all types is imperative.

The dimension of the dental chair is a vital factor to consider as well as the layout of the operatory. A dental chair with all the extra equipment such LCD monitor, X-Ray unit, etc. will add to its overall size. It is essential to ensure that the complete set will not cause any restrictions to the dentist’s movement. Most ergonomic dental chairs come with a higher price tag.


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